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Henan Tarzan Industrial Co., Ltd.,
Founded in 2017, Henan Tarzan Industrial Co., Ltd., specializes in international export business for commercial & passenger vehicles, construction and agriculture machinery, spare parts and so on.
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Dongfeng Warrior M50, A Civilian Pickup Version Of Chinese Hummer H1
Long before SUVs ruled the world's roads, the ginormous Hummer H1 was a sight to behold, and dwarfed almost every other passenger vehicle on the market. Dongfeng might be a couple of decades late, but the Chinese brand recently revealed its own civilian version of the H1, and it's just a utilitarian as the American truck, but gets a few luxuries thrown in.
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truck engine
Why do I pick Tarzan Motor?
Henan Tarzan Industrial Co., Ltd.,we are one of the biggest professional manufacture of auto parts.
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Do you really know how to maintain truck engines?
We have been driving for many years, and we have traveled thousands of miles. We have traveled in countless places.
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