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What'​ the role of a Gearbox and how important it is to your vehicle?
The role of the gearbox: manual gearbox, automatic gearbox, continuously variable gearbox, dual-clutch gearbox, sequential gearbox.etc
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Inspection and elimination of common faults of engine ignition system
Under normal circumstances, the engine suddenly turns off during operation, and the reason for the failure to start is mostly the failure of the ignition system.
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How to maintain the engine, just look at these points if you don’t want to send it for overhaul
The engine is the heart of the vehicle, and a good engine is very important to the vehicle. The driving style of the vehicle, the load and the roughness of the road all affect the life of the engine. If the engine is broken, then the vehicle is useless, so the most important thing is the maintenance of the vehicle's engine. So how should a vehicle engine be maintained? Today I will take you to find out.
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truck engine
Why do I pick Tarzan Motor?
Henan Tarzan Industrial Co., Ltd.,we are one of the biggest professional manufacture of auto parts.
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Do you really know how to maintain truck engines?
We have been driving for many years, and we have traveled thousands of miles. We have traveled in countless places.
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Vehicle experts must know ---the difference between Gasoline Vehicles and Diesel Vehicles
Gasoline vehicles and diesel vehicles use different fuels, their engine structure.
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