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How to maintain the engine, just look at these points if you don’t want to send it for overhaul


The engine is the heart of the vehicle, and a good engine is very important to the vehicle. The driving style of the vehicle, the load and the roughness of the road all affect the life of the engine. If the engine is broken, then the vehicle is useless, so the most important thing is the maintenance of the vehicle's engine. So how should a vehicle engine be maintained? Today I will take you to find out.




1. Change the oil regularly


The engine is the heart of the vehicle, and the oil is the heart of the engine. Therefore, when we maintain the vehicle, we must change the oil regularly to protect the engine. And when changing the oil, it is best to change to a good-quality fully synthetic engine oil, because the fully synthetic engine oil has a better lubrication protection effect on the engine.




2. Pay attention to the maintenance of the fuel system


When automobile fuel is supplied to the combustion chamber through the oil circuit for combustion, a little colloid and vehiclebon deposits are formed, which can cause problems such as poor engine acceleration. Therefore, we must clean the fuel system regularly, and use good quality fuel when changing fuel, and add fuel additives when necessary, so that the engine can maintain good operating conditions.




3. Regularly inspect and clean the water tank


With high summer temperatures, mobile phones and computers need to dissipate heat, and vehicle engines also need to dissipate heat. The water tank of the engine is a very important part of the engine, because it can help the engine to dissipate heat. The engine water tank is often rusted and scaled, which will reduce the heat dissipation effect and make the engine hot. Therefore, we must regularly clean the rust and dirt of the engine water tank to keep it clean. In addition, the coolant in the vehicle's water tank should be replaced regularly, because the impurities in the coolant will affect the heat dissipation effect over time. Generally, it will be replaced after 30,000 kilometers or a year.



4, regular maintenance of the air intake system


The intake system of a vehicle is very important, because the quality of the air will affect the normal operation of the engine, so we need to maintain the intake system of the vehicle regularly. First of all, we must regularly check and replace the air filter, because the air filter can prevent dust and other particles from entering the engine, and the engine will provide clean air. Then we have to clean the vehicle's intake duct regularly. If the engine's intake duct is very dirty, it will aggravate the engine's wear and aging. Therefore, if the vehicle is driven in a dusty place, the air intake duct must be cleaned. In addition, there are more dusty weather in spring, so the intake ducts should be cleaned frequently.




5, check the important parts of the engine regularly


Engine valve clearance, valve phase, fuel injection pressure must be regularly checked and adjusted to ensure that the engine is in good condition. The belt of the engine should also be checked regularly. If it is cracked, it must be replaced in time.


In addition to the above maintenance methods, the exterior of the engine should also be cleaned regularly to extend the life of the engine.

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